10 Knee-high Tigers?


Logan D





Would you rather have a fight with one massive tiger or 10 little knee-high tigers? This is the question Vital was asked before lockdown and after a lot of consideration, this is his official statement on the situation: “10 Tigers”, all of them scratching and biting to the sound of this hair-raising banger. Big midrange leads and punchy kicks, it’s like a buzz saw going for soul. Elsewhere Vital considers if he prefers nines or vest to the tune of a gritty sandpaper funk riff on “Nines & Vests” and laments the long waiting time you have to endure since COVID-19 when visiting your mates in chokey with the absolutely toxic “Visiting Time”. Last but not least he tells us all about his favourite shark on the firesome, big hoover bass finale “Hammer Head”. Snappy! – Juno Download

Adept in a wide range of styles of drum and bass but best known for his jump up creations, Wareham, Dorset-based DJ/producer Vital has had a remarkable 2020 so far, releasing his debut album with the prestigious label Low Down Deep. Showing no sign of slowing, he now returns to Bass Legion for the third time – with whom he released his A Little Mad LP & Switchblade EP in 2018.