Master Kush | The Remixes


Bass Legion drop the seventeenth part of their catalogue, with the brand having established themselves as a leading part of the grassroots Drum & Bass scene. Their love for the genre hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans and it’s something which they’ve reiterated with every release.

With the success of Max Bakers track ‘Master Kush’ released Sep 2019 on his Shake It EP, it only made sense for Bass Legion to bring on board a new generation to have their take on the pivotal release through means of a remix competition. Bass Legion pride themselves in breaking new talent and through producers Shepzn, Maletka and Magness, they push forward with this commitment.

The three winners sit alongside key name Nu Elementz and the on-fire newcomer Alcemist who swiftly wrap up an expert reimagining for one of Bass Legions most sought after records.

First up on the track list, Max Baker makes a return with a VIP of the original track, giving it a twist but still keeping the vibe which made its precursor so successful. Nu Elementz then jumps on board to put ‘Master Kush’ through his own lens, pushing on with low-lying bass levels and stamping kicks. Hotly tipped newcomer Alcemist then provides his own re-fastening, highlighting the track’s weighty percussion before going deep following its first breakdown.

For the second part of the remix EP, three competition winners take centre stage. Whilst Magness opts for a more driving rhythm, Shepzn goes in with the weighty sub pads and Maletka focuses more on its grooves.

Once more Bass Legion invite a wealth of genius into their midst and by doing so, provide another glimpse into their growing achievements as a label.