What’s Coming? Q1 – 2020

The Next Competition

“I cannot wait to see how people expand on the ideas of Master Kush. I am sure the results will inspire aspects of my own production!”

Max Baker

Mark your calendars for our next remix competition, opening February 16th. Enter for a chance to win cash prizes, an opportunity to release your music on Bass Legion and exclusive gifts from our brand new streetwear launch before it drops in spring.

Need some motivation to get involved? At our last competition, over £500 in prizes were given away to those who entered! One of the three lucky winners, R3DX, received an exclusive 3-hour ‘TIMEISNOW’ producer masterclass with Turno! Whatever your motive for entry, hear a wave of new music at our next remix competition.

Listen to the track at the centre of Februarys ‘Master Kush Remix Competition‘ below.

Clothing Launch

“I really enjoyed shooting for this. Launch day will reveal all the hard work!”

Lika – Photographer – Bass Legion Limited

We are excited to announce our brand-new clothing line that will drop in the first quarter of 2020! Featuring an online wardrobe of underground streetwear styles and trends, our love for music is the influence of every piece of clothing we have handpicked, created and designed. Each Capsule will be limited, so you’ll want to keep updated on our socials for an official launch date.

Dance Forward

Dance Forward to our brand new Spotify playlist with only the largest Drum & Bass picks. Featuring a constantly updating list, this playlist features hits from artists such as Mampi Swift, Skeptical, CLIPZ and many more. Head over to Spotify today and follow the “Drum and Bass Legion” playlist for quick access.