Shake It

omdssssss this is my type of EP


Bass Legion is a label which has stayed true to its roots and just one look at its vast catalogue of releases demonstrates this fact, proving just how pivotal their roster has proven to be over recent years. Since they first launched the label they’ve been committed to only bringing through artists who would showcase why they were invited into the labels roster, as well as the wider dance music scene, and the forthcoming release from Max Baker does exactly this. They’re a label which champions diversity and on first listen to the brand new EP from Max Baker this is easy to hear; the newcomer artist has been welcomed onto their platform and as a result, has proven just how great the imprint’s A&R has become.

The ‘Shake It’ EP is a full spectrum look at what Max Baker has to offer as an artist and it’s an expansive one. Featuring four brand news tracks, it’s an exploration of his sounds and it’s one which has been heralded by many tastemakers. From its title-track ‘Shake It’, alongside its floating note melodies and raucous drum breakdowns, through to records like ‘Curious’ with its winding pads of bass, Max Baker has shown that he’s accustomed to the world of drum & bass. Cuts like ‘Master Kush’ and ‘Wentworth’ also make an impact, pushing through with the same dancefloor breaks and an underpinning which shows musical flare of the same calibre. Despite Max Baker’s ability to conjure the heavyweight realms of drum & bass, he never sacrifices this for technicality.

As a package, the EP proves what Bass Legion has within their roster, something many similar sized labels would be jealous of; with the help of artists like Max Baker, they’re about to continue their domination for years to come.